On How I Begin Writing Literary Fiction

I encountered with serious writing tools (and then, literature--or the belle letters) in October 2007. At that time, started googling the word; suicide, I coincidentally found a site named Kemudian, and I found that the writings of the members are quite loveable. I didn't understand how to find a good way becoming member of that site, but for the first time, after the word suicide, I typed some other hints; ‘hujan’, ‘bogor’, and ‘kesepian’ and I just saved all of the writings on the disk and read it thoroughly

Back from school, I did it again. I did search for the site through while browsing for school’s material. Until then I registered for the site. Most of the writers joining the site are from Jakarta. At that time, in the middle school, Jakarta sounds like a so far foreign land for me. In my eyes, Jakarta is a capital city of my country--that in Jakarta, there would be so many arrogant people living there, that they must through a very hard life competing with each other. It’s quite funny to remember what I thought at that time, since today I found Jakarta no longer that scary.

The time I joined, I found a senior writer, Ayu Prameswary. I remember I asked her questions about the basics to use that site, such like how to adding friends, commenting to friend’s posts, and even to posting my writings there. She patiently answered my silly questions.

The entry that I posted for the first time, I took it from my diary. People commented on my writings or only did their sharing or greeting. I met several of best friends--yeah, I did find best friends from the site. Without saying who’s them, I know they know they really meant to be in my life.

In the same year, I wrote poems almost everyday, even though I made stories, I only made love stories, the teenager ones. Finding people wrote masterpiece, I then found my writings were sucks, love stories; love poems; without any morality points. Isn’t the plot and the character clear and lovable? Many questions reveal.

I did really start it from the lowest part like everyone might do (not for saying I’ve made my best, it’s only for sharing: people can get better) 'til my writings becoming better. I can say it happened because I found user name miss worm and andrea there.

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