Dewi Kharisma Michellia's stories and reportages had been published in several Indonesia's respected newspapers, such as Koran Tempo, Jawa Pos, Jakartabeat, Media Indonesia, Jurnal Perempuan, Pindai, Jurnal Ruang, and many more.

She cofounded OAK Publisher, an indie publisher based in Yogyakarta, along with 3 other colleagues in 2015 and resigned in 2016 as she moved to Jakarta. In 2018, along with 12 other female colleagues, she ran a collective, Ruang Perempuan dan Tulisan (Women Writers Space and Writings), with an initiative to read the works of women writers in Indonesia and mainstream these writings and literary figures to the wider audiences. Currently, since 2018, she serves as book review editor for Jurnal Ruang

Her first novel is published in 2013 by Gramedia Pustaka Utama, Surat Panjang tentang Jarak Kita yang Jutaan Tahun Cahaya, and her short story collection, Elegi, published by Grasindo in 2017.

Below is a showcase, a trace of how she spent (and wasted) her time from 2011 onwards:



  • Pantai Cermin (Koran Tempo, 19 June 2011), this short story is translated into English for "Translation Tuesday" series (Asymptote, 13 November 2018), see the English version: Mirror Beach. 
  • Rindu (Koran Tempo, 29 July 2012) 
  • Ikrar Layang-layang (Majalah Sastra Libri [Literasi Buruh Migran Indonesia], September 2012) 
  • Ziarah (Jawa Pos, 21 October 2012) 
  • Saudade (Majalah Balairung, 2012) 
  • Ajal (Media Indonesia, 6 July 2013) 
  • Tanda (, 19 May 2013) 
  • Mengantar (, 10 May 2014) 
  • Pulau Arwah (, Edisi LKIP 18, 6 June 2014) 
  • Keputusan Ely (Media Indonesia, 3 August 2014) 
  • Si Malakama (Bali Post, 4 January 2015) 
  • Penulis Fiksi (Koran Tempo, 12 July 2015) 
  • Semiliar Perbedaan (Bali Post, 13 September 2015) 
  • Forum Keluarga (Koran Tempo, 24 September 2016) 
  • Kesedihan (Bali Post, 25 September 2016) 
  • Hidup Kita Selepas Elegi (Media Indonesia, 18 December 2016) 
  • Kita Bahkan Tidak Perlu Berbisik (Jurnal Perempuan No. 93/2017)

















  • Creative writing process on writing Surat Panjang Tentang Jarak Kita yang Jutaan Tahun Cahaya interviewed by Muhidin M. Dahlan, Angkringan Buku | Radio Iboekoe, access here. 
  • Creative writing process, interviewed by Fairuz Mumtaz, Book on Cam | Radio Iboekoe, YouTube video access, click here. 
  • Creative writing process,, interviewed by Hanny Kusumawati, access here, mirror: The Writer's Nest. 
  • Creative writing process, interviewed by Damar Juniarto (Tanam Ide Kreasi), snippet here. 
  • Creative writing process, with Bengkel Menulis Gerakan Literasi Indonesia batch IX, access here. 
  • Creative writing process on the novel adaptation, A Copy of My Mind, interviewed by Avicenna Raksa Santana, Ruang (for the information, please ask the interviewer Avicenna). 
  • The writer’s childhood stories, interviewed by Norman Erikson Pasaribu, Ruang (for the information, please ask the interviewer Norman).  
  • Creative writing process, on the stories with death theme-related, interviewed by Rizka Nur Laily Muallifa,, access here.